Graffiti Removal Methods

Our graffiti removal products are used in the field by our technicians on all types surfaces which had been vandalized with spray cans, inks, oils, wood stains, dyes, felt pens, latex paints etc. Our graffiti removal methods have proven to be effective, and efficient. We are constantly looking for new and more innovative techniques we can offer through our services. Our solvents attach themselves to the bonding agents in various different type of paints we remove causing them to smear, peel, off of most surfaces. We use scolding hot water vs. high pressure to ensure we leave a clean work area. We try to ensure that no one could ever tell that your property had ever been vandalized. Our range of graffiti removal products deliver professional results. We guarantee 95% removal with the correct product selection, it does not matter if the graffiti is 24 hours old or 24 years old.

We have held contracts with various agencies ranging from government, schools, commercial and residential property management companies, apartment agencies.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide all of our customers with the most cost-effective, graffiti removal methods. Our graffiti removal methods quickly remove all types of graffiti and stains on even the toughest surfaces proving why our removal methods have worked virtually on any surface.

Our removal methods restore value and security back to our beautiful neighborhoods, businesses and communities. We even offer a 24HR Emergency Hotline for those removals that just cant wait another day due to vulgarity or severity of the vandalism on your property. Our comprehensive express service comes at additional fee. We will ensure that we do our best to properly restore your property back to its original state.

Growing Worldwide Problem

As you are aware graffiti vandalism is an expensive, thankless and time consuming job that seems never ending. With Central Texas being one of the fastest surge in population we have ever seen, it has also seen a large increase in crime from properties being vandalized or defaced, theft. Our Company has been providing cost-effective and environmentally responsible graffiti removal solution to maintain our creeks, rivers, lakes and wildlife in tact.