What’s the difference between art and graffiti?

The simple answer is permission. Graffiti is a mark that can be a slogan, drawing, painting, symbol, logo, name, character, or figure made in any manner on public or private property that is visible to the public. Creating graffiti is a crime and taggers/ vandals are subject to various penalties.

 let’s keep Central Texas beautiful!!!

“Off The Wall” is constantly battling graffiti in Central Texas. In the past we have worked with neighborhood associations, municipalities, parks and recreation, police departments and community groups to educate citizens about graffiti and graffiti removal methods. That is why its very imperative to all of our communities to report all graffiti/vandalism to 311 or the local authorities so the a case can filed correctly for the pursuit of future criminal charges and reimbursement for damages done. Graffiti always leaves behind certain characteristics of the artist, almost like a fingerprint. Sometimes we get lucky and vandals get caught. If any crimes can be connected criminal can face charges and hefty fines. Please report any vandalism so local artists can keep the creative culture that thrives in Austin.

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